Bruner authors Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of National School Boards Association

October 5, 2017

Rachel Bruner had the honor of authoring an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court on behalf of the National School Boards Association (NSBA). NSBA, through its state associations of school boards, represents the nation’s public school boards who govern approximately 13,800 school districts nationwide, including those in North Dakota. NSBA reached out to Bruner due to her experience and involvement in tribal court jurisdictional matters on behalf of public school districts.

In 2015, Bruner obtained a reversal from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, determining that tribal courts lacked jurisdiction over North Dakota public school districts in eight different cases that had been pending in tribal courts across North Dakota. In 2017, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers the western-most states in the country, ruled the opposite in cases involving Arizona public school districts. The amicus brief, authored by Bruner on behalf of NSBA, urges the United States Supreme Court to accept review and overturn the Ninth Circuit decision. If the Court does so, public school districts in the Ninth Circuit will have the same positive ruling as Bruner received from the Eighth Circuit for North Dakota public school districts. The amicus brief can be found here.

Bruner focuses her practice on education law and labor and employment law.