Education Law Group obtains judgement in favor of school district administrator and board members in U.S. Federal Court lawsuit

May 14, 2020

Pearce Durick PLLC’s Education Law Group attorneys Rachel Bruner, Kirsten Tuntland, and Meredith Vukelic filed a motion for summary judgment on behalf of a North Dakota public school district Superintendent and the district’s board members, asking a U.S. Federal District Court judge to dismiss a Plaintiff’s claims that they violated her Constitutional rights when she was temporarily banned from school premises without prior approval from the Superintendent.  The judge agreed with the school defendants’ arguments and dismissed the case entirely, specifically writing that the case had no place in federal court.

Attorneys Bruner, Tuntland, and Vukelic routinely advise school administrators and boards on questions concerning compliance with staff, student, and patrons’ Constitutional rights as they navigate complex questions related to discipline, bans, and other matters.