O’Hare & Cox to Pearce Durick PLLC: Name changes through the years

It used to be common for a law firm to change its name when a new partner came on board. This was true of our Firm for many years until the Pearce & Durick name was adopted in 1985. We’ve dropped the ampersand, but we still pay homage to the attorneys who helped to build the reputation of the Firm through the years even if they do not appear in our name.

Below you will find a timeline of the name changes we’ve seen through the years.

1919    O’Hare & Cox

1929   O’Hare, Cox & Cox

1939   Cox & Cox

1944   Cox, Cox & Pearce

1950   Cox, Cox, Pearce & Engebretson

1954   Cox, Pearce & Engebretson

1961    Cox, Pearce, Engebretson, Murray, Atkinson &                               Gunness

1963   Cox, Pearce, Engebretson, Murray & Atkinson

1963   Cox, Pearce, Engebretson & Murray

1964   Cox, Pearce, Engebretson, Murray & Anderson

1965   Pearce, Engebretson, Murray, Anderson & Schmidt

1966   Pearce, Engebretson, Anderson & Schmidt

1969   Pearce, Engebretson, Anderson, Schmidt & Thames

1971    Pearce, Anderson, Schmidt & Thames

1973   Pearce, Anderson, Pearce, Thames & Pearce

1977   Pearce, Anderson, Thames & Durick

1980   Pearce, Anderson & Durick

1985   Pearce & Durick

2015   Pearce Durick PLLC