Zachary E. Pelham

Attorneys Pelham and Zuger successfully defend client against $10 million claim

December 1, 2017

On November 17, 2017, after an 8 day jury trial, attorneys Zack Pelham and Jack Zuger successfully obtained a complete dismissal by jury verdict in favor of their client, BOH, Inc. Throughout the trial, the Plaintiff was claiming BOH was an employer (i.e. responsible) of a trucking company that was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in one fatality. That trucking company was hauling produced water for BOH using a BOH water tanker.

At trial, the Plaintiff was claiming $10 million in damages. Pelham and Zuger argued that the relationship between the two companies was an independent contractor relationship, rather than an employment relationship. The jury agreed with Pelham and Zuger and quickly returned a verdict in favor of BOH, which resulted in BOH being dismissed from the lawsuit. As a result of the dismissal, BOH was not responsible for the accident or resulting death.