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The 1980s Part One: A decade of growth

The 1980s saw a number of attorneys join the Firm, many of which stayed for a number of years. These attorneys include Joel Gilbertson, Joy Wezelman, Larry Dopson, Dave Reich, Steve Easton, Jackie Pierce, Jerry Kettleson, Gary Thune, Larry Boschee, Lawrence Bender, and Janet Seaworth.

Joel Gilbertson began his legal career in private practice in Bowman, ND. He went on to serve as a staff attorney for the Joint Procedures Committee and the North Dakota Supreme Court before becoming executive director of SBAND. He was later president of SBAND, and at that time, was the first person to serve both executive director and as president in North Dakota. Gilbertson currently has a successful government affairs firm based in Bismarck.

Joy Wezelman was with the Firm for a short time before she went on to become a Supreme Court clerk and eventually a state administrative law judge. Wezelman was and continues to be involved in the community and has won various service awards throughout the years.

Larry Dopson began his career clerking for Justice Paul Sand of the North Dakota Supreme Court. He then transitioned into private practice in the Bismarck area before joining the Firm.

Dave Reich spent many years with the Firm before accepting a judgeship with the South Central District in North Dakota. He started Runners Against Destructive Decisions as a way to invest time in healthy alternatives to aid in ending the cycle of addiction. The group organizes the Santa Run each December to build awareness in the community.

Steve Easton has a background in both law and accounting. He was the U.S. Attorney for North Dakota and worked for the Firm both before and after his time there. Easton went on to teach law after leaving private practice.

Jackie Pierce began her law career with the Firm and has since become a successful mediator and arbitrator in California.