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The 1980s Part Two: A decade of growth

The 1980s saw a number of attorneys join the Firm, many of which stayed for a number of years. These attorneys include Joel Gilbertson, Joy Wezelman, Larry Dopson, Dave Reich, Steve Easton, Jackie Pierce, Jerry Kettleson, Gary Thune, Larry Boschee, Lawrence Bender, and Janet Seaworth.

Jerry Kettleson served as assistant U.S. Attorney prior to joining he Firm. He was also active in various legal advisory groups and committees during his career. He stayed with the Firm until his retirement in 2012.

Gary Thune began his career in education as a math teacher and worked his way into school administration. He later went back to his law degree and focused his practice on school law. Thune was the first North Dakotan to hold the office of chairman of the National School Boards Association Council of School Attorneys.

Larry Boschee began his legal career as a law clerk to a federal judge in Fargo. He later joined the Firm and has become known as a leading litigation attorney in several areas. Boschee is a sustaining member of the Product Liability Advisory Council (PLAC) and a fellow of both the Litigation Counsel of American and the American Bar Foundation.

Lawrence Bender was an assistant attorney general and counsel for the North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and Gas Division and Board of University and School Lands prior to joining the Firm. He has since moved on to a different private practice in the area.

Janet Seaworth served as legal counsel and as a lobbyist for the North Dakota Beer Wholesalers Association during her time with the Firm. She was also an advocate for women’s economic well-being.